I AM OFTEN ASKED BY FRIENDS – from where do I find all the unusual foods I always seem to be eating? I can’t help but answer shortly, "I get lost. A lot". And so it happened one autumn evening when I found myself in a den of truffle brie (easily one of the best in London), Swedish cheese you can’t get anywhere else, and, most wonderous of all, raw Geitost, a milk made goodness which tastes like you’re eating toffee or caramel but has zero sugar (it’s made from only milk and cream!).

This is the one and only La Fromagerie, a wonderful cheesemonger and restaurant in the heart of Marylebone High Street. Two years later, I still visit it practically every day. The range here is incredible, with countless goats, cows and sheep cheeses. My favourites include the Lingot Geant (a must try for goats cheese aficionados) Almnäs Tegel, a beautifully caramelly Swedish cheese, and of course, the Truffle Brie, perfect for its amazing taste and quality.

The best part of it all is the ability you have here to ask for a bespoke cheeseboard at their restaurant and order all your favourites, along with one of their lovely dishes (and a little something to drink on the side). It’s a wonderful way to relax, ease into the evening, and satisfy your cheesy desires 😉

Second picture taken in Carnaby Street, a short walk away from La Fromagerie.


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