These incredibly gorgeous earrings are the most perfect accessory to a dreamy summer dress. There’s something about the colour and gripping design that makes them unforgettably special.

Love cats? Then you are going to find this sweater absolutely claw-some. We don’t need much purr-suasion to go out and buy this meow-nificent jumper (no more puns, we paw-mise)

For that extra caffeine boost, when cafe au lait and coffee biscotti isn’t quite enough… try espresso spread. This one goes verrrry nicely with warm toast…

How would you like to hunt for truffles in the countryside? This unique experience, taking place in Florence, let’s you do exactly that. Especially if you (like us) adore truffles, this is one thing that’s definitely worth buying a place at.

Thought this was water? Think again- it’s clear coffee! This addition has to go on our drink of the Month section for how ingenious it all is- say goodbye to coffee stains, and hello to something all your friends will want to get their hands on too.

We can’t think of amore fitting cushion to celebrate the fact that Picasso has come to Mayfairthan this one from Liberty. It’s sure to add an artistic touch to any living room.

This month’s bargain has to be the Jo Malone Candle Selection at House of Fraser. The ‘buy 3 for the price of 2’ offer is one not to be missed especially as who doesn’t love a reason to stock up on candles?


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