CRISP SATURDAY MORNINGS IN CHELSEA are simply perfect. Somehow, the atmosphere feels different, although even after all this time I still can’t quite figure out how. I suppose it has something to do with brunch, which I am all too eager to exploit as my excuse to guiltlessly overeat.. and what better place to overeat than this charming restaurant?

Fries? Check. A great place to take friends? Check. Big and tasty portions? Check Check Check. When it comes to Saturday morning, Bluebird is a great place to spend it.

I love the quirky furniture here. If you shamelessly take photos of random stuff (this is so me) then you are going to really enjoy the gorgeous interiors here: they’ve been very creative with their pieces, which really add to the fun and relaxing vibe going on here.

The courtyard is wonderful too though, especially in the summer, when the sunlight will be sparkling in your drinks glasses. On our last visit, I’d come with a few friends plus mom; it was like 25 degrees outside, and we were a little too lazy to go up the elevator to the restaurant inside (you see what finishing exams has done to us?), so we decided to sit outside instead.

While it was busy, the waiters treated us kindly, making sure we were happy with our orders (Eggs Royal with Scottish smoked salmon, Prawn Cocktail, Scrambled eggs with avocado and chicken, and Croque monsieur). The dishes were, as always, lovely, and we had a great couple of hours laughing at the sky, relaxing in the sun.


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