HERE’S A SITUATION you might be familiar with: You’ve got only one day to explore an absolutely beautiful place, and have no idea where to start- what to do? In this guide, we show you all the best places to see in this wonderful gem of a town.

Bad Schandau is famous for its awesome hiking tracks, and charming colourful streets, which make you feel like you’re in Copenhagen again. From the main square, you can wander off into one of the sweet alleyways which snake around the town. On the side of these alleyways, you’ll find stairs which take you up the mountains to beautiful viewpoints, where you’ll be able to appreciate this rainbow town from above.

Once we’d burnt off three days worth of eating walking up and down those steps, we decided it was time for cake. We’d dragged along Grandm√®re with us on our journey, and set her the task of finding us the best cake shop around. She did not disappoint. The cakes inside the patisseries are as bright and beautiful as the streets outside, and it’s easy to lose hours choosing from the many types.

Once you’ve done your fair bit of shopping at the pretty boutiques around the city, before you leave there’s one last surprise Bad Schandau has in store for you. It’s called The Lift (ask the locals and they’ll tell you how to get there- it’s maybe a 10 minute walk from the town square), and definitely lives up to its name. You’re taken up to a platform high up on a mountain, where you can get the most wonderful view of the river, whole town, and yet more mountains in the distance. As the wind breezes through your clothes, looking out towards that view, you feel at one with nature.


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