Where to go when you feel like eating eggs in Chelsea on a day which is not Brunch Saturday/Sunday and after 4pm? I must have emailed a dozen restaurants before -by chance- I remembered the one that was literally staring me in the face from the start- Colbert. While I’d been there several times before, I’d never once considered their egg menu (or known it even existed!).

When we arrived, we were greeted warmly as always, before being taken to our charming table, which had a lovely view of the unique artwork hung up on the walls (this is what I love about Sketch!). I have to say I absolutely adore the Parisian interior here, it’s chic without being over the top, and really a great place to relax and enjoy your time with family and friends.

We all settled on different orders- while Elizabeth chose the amazing Croque Madame (which came with gruyère cheese, jambon, and fried egg), mom picked the Baguette au Brie Truffé et Miel- and yes it does taste as good as it sounds.

We are all cheese lovers and naturally I chose a dish with cheese too (of course). I really liked the idea of melted cheese with scrambled eggs and went with the choice of the Brouillés Scrambled Eggs. It came with one of my favourite cheeses- Comté- which had been sprinkled lightly on the top, giving the dish a refreshingly salty and rich feel.

If you haven’t tried Comté cheese before, I’d definitely recommend it. If I’m feeling lazy I’ll guiltlessly eat it straight with raw butter (the best is the Fern Farm one at Neals Yard, it comes in a wooden box), but otherwise it is a wonderful cheese with eggs and sandwiches, especially when melted, so Colbert went with a really great choice in featuring it with their eggs on their menu.

All in all the food turned out to be quite lovely, although I would recommend that if you’re hungry you should definitely choose more than one course with your meal (a range of sides and starters is a good idea) as some of the dishes are quite small. As we’d already eaten and were taking these just as a little snack, we didn’t order much else food, but next time I will be sure to go for their Venison Carpaccio (it comes with my favourite cheese Tête de Moine! Do you see the trend…?) and Tartine de Saumon Gravadlax, and Galette of Heritage Tomatoes and… oh let me see… 😉


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