WHERE TO GO when it is 30 degrees outside? The answer is an unlikely one: a short walk around one of Kensington’s most gorgeous mews: Kynance Mews.

Getting there was almost as enchanting as the place itself. We wandered around a pastel street before taking some secluded stairs next to a charming church, leading us to the far end of the Mews. Amost instantly, the sweet scent of jasmine flowers flowed across to us, and even the sunshine seemed to have dimmed slightly, giving us a stunning view of the pretty pottery and colourful street ahead.

We seemed to have arrived in a place far far away from London, one where exotic flowers emerged out of cracks in the walls, and rose bushes lined the floors. Above, someone was playing opera through one of the open windows of the cute homes, an unexpected yet magical additon to the beauty of this beautiful place.


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