A HOT SUMMER SPELL’S descended upon Britain. The sun is (finally) back at working full time, and so we have blue skies all day and pink clouds at night.

So we thought we’d take this rare good weather opportunity to leave London for something quite different. We usually spend our weekends away from the city, in the English countryside; the very distinct characters and charm of certain towns and cities we’ve visited on our travels is one you have to witness yourself.

And Windsor is one of those towns. With its gorgeous scenery (Windsor Castle, the River Thames and stunning nature), it is one of those places you never forget after the first time you visit.

We’ve come back here maybe hundreds of times, but never shared it with you on this blog, so today we thought we’d show you around some of Windsor’s most charming spots, where you can take lovely pictures and enjoy your time in this magnificent historical town.

We arrived by car, but if you come here by train (there’s a direct one from London!) you can find this sweet view as you cross the bridge to the main shopping centre, a vibrant yet cosy place to do your shopping. Boutiques, as well as your other high street shops, line the cobbled streets, and you can stop for a charming afternoon tea at any one of the doll’s house tea rooms dottted around the town.

One of our favourite places to take photos is beside Windsor Castle, a beautiful backdrop to the colourful street views. Walking around, you would think by the old charm and historical preservation of famous pubs and buildings that you’d travelled back hundreds of years. We’d definitely recommend sparing a couple of hours to explore the many little streets around Windsor town- you never know what kind of unique find you’ll come across here.

On this day we stopped by for lunch at the Christopher Wren Hotel, a restaurant which has the perfect view of the River. You can check out the full post here.

Going back to street-sighting…

Before you pack your bags to leave! If you think that after seeing Windsor Castle, walking around its streets and taking rides down the river you’ve explored it all, we have to tell you, you’re not done yet! Before you leave, definitely give the Great Park a go. It’s a vast stretch of land, offering a wonderful place to relax and enjoy Windsor, especially at sunset, when the sky becomes that bit more magical.


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