Two months after I left this charming country, I have finally (FINALLY!) gotten round to writing a travel guide blogpost of it for all you lovely readers! In the past months we were taking so many new pictures in other places that these ones just got buried in the iPhone gallery (my being too lazy to upload them means it has like thousands of photos, and I’m pretty sure any day now it’s going to crash!).

The Czech Republic, if you haven’t been before, is a really unique country, in that there is so much gorgeous architecture and stunning viewpoints atop hills, mountains and watchtowers (malls too but that’s a story for another post!). Every time I visit, there is always somewhere new to explore; it’s a country which has so much to explore you’re going to need more than one trip to see even a little bit of it!

Which is why it’s really helpful to have a guide as to what you can find in some of its different cities and towns. Today I’m sharing three of the ones I most recently visited on our last trip here, and in the coming days we’ll also be uploading a ‘Best Instagram Spots’ guide for everyone travelling to Prague (with the crazy amount of things to do there, it needs its own article!)

Roudnice nad Labem

This is a very pretty town in the Czech countryside. Sadly for us fashion lovers they don’t actually have a Chanel store (I went to the one in Bond Street, London and brought everything with me, although you can always ship internationally via Farfetch), but the amount of sweet places here more than makes up for it!

On this main street, to the right you’ll find many cafes (and especially ice cream parlours and awesome cake shops- we’re talking Honey Marlenka Carrot Cake, a Czech speciality, and wonderful cream ones too), and if you keep walking alongside that street you will find an alley on your right, where, if you follow the stairs, you’ll be taken to a gorgeous square with a stunning cake shop and colourful homes. A little gem in the heart of this cute town.


The picture below was taken at the town’s Watch Tower, which is actually also a tea room! They have so many different types of loose leaf tea, it’s definitely worth checking out this place even if you’re not planning on going up to the top. If you love heights though give this one a go- the view is splendid, and you can see the whole surrounding area from the top (including the Castle, which I would also recommend visiting not only for its cake shop but also the pretty view you get of the river).


Another charming town we discovered on our travels. This one is bigger than the other two, and has a lot of places to see, whether you’re looking for restaurants and cafes, watch tower views, boat cruises, porcelain or even cheese shops! They are all dotted around the streets surrounding the main square. There is even a mini market shop selling raw milk, which I love, and the streets are so colourful! A great place to start is to look for the white building at the top left corner of the square (from the tourist office), and from there take a walk around the little alleyways and streets. Behind the tourist office there is also a balcony where you can get a stunning view of the village, and if you can brave the creepy stairs up, the watchtower on the tourist office is so worth it!


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