SURE, THERE ARE SOME DAYS when you feel like going all out with brunch, using more exotic ingredients in extravagent recipes. But there are other days when you wake up stumbling into the kitchen, eyes half closed and hair quite wild. You need food. fast.

Coming to the rescue are these really simple and colourful recipes. Somehow we find that adding really bright ingredients gets us through even the cloudiest mornings (cough cough, London ones).

We start with fried eggs and avocado. Start by frying a vine of tomatoes for two minutes in olive oil- the juiciness will complement your eggs really well. The trick to making this especially tasty is frying the eggs in coconut oil, and seasoning them with truffle salt (sounds like a strange combination but it is divine!). While your eggs are frying in the pan (leave them for a while on low heat), chop some avocados and add them to your plate (along with a drizzle of olive oil).

Next, on a different plate, place a toast down, and get some 2-3 avocados. We understand you must be exhausted by this point so you’ll be happy to hear you can just blindly smash the avocados with your fork (minimum effort required, just mind the plate). With the remaining energy you have left, add a drizzle of lemon juice and salt on top, plus some chopped tomatoes and olive oil.

If you’re feeling adventerous, add a variety of cheeses and little nibbles to your plates for that extra mediterranean feel, and bon appétit, enjoy!


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