What to Order From Eggbreak’s New Menu

IF YOU’VE BEEN KEEPING UP TO DATE with our latest posts, I can imagine how you might have reacted to this article title: Eggbreak again?! Wasn’t I just there a week ago, and there again… a week before that? I know I know I’ve written yet another Eggbreak article, but this time I have a justification!

They’ve created a new menu!

Last Sunday, I’d met up with a friend of mine, Masha, who lives in Notting Hill. After walking around and admiring the pretty streets, mews and shops for a good hour, we thought we’d sit down somewhere for something to eat and drink. We’d wanted Granger and Co, but they only serve pancakes in the morning, so when I suggested Eggbreak, which Masha hadn’t yet been to, we decided to go there instead.

When we arrived it was practically empty and so calm (a far cry from their Saturday mornings!). They gave us the menu soon enough; "this is the new one isn’t it?" I asked as I saw how different it was (Shakshuka was one of the awesome dishes they’d added), and then I laughed, "I’ve been here so many times" I told Masha "I have no idea what more to write about here". "The new menu!" she told me, and so here I am :))

Masha has amazing taste in good food and so, fittingly, she went with what is now my favourite dish on the menu- the halloumi with avocado, heritage tomato, kale and poached eggs. They didn’t have kale so substituted it for spinach but it looked just as delicious.

My own dish- eggs any way (I chose omelette) with avocado- was just wonderful, although if you’re planning on dining here and like your avocado plain, be sure to tell them that. Mine came with lemon, coriander and a little bit of chopped pepper inside; I’ve never had that combination before but it was pretty interesting! I would recommend it if you’re up for something different 🙂

The staff were as kind as usual, and somehow we got everyone in the cafe talking about Australia. Both one of the waitresses, and another diner, were from different cities there, and we had a fun time hearing about the differences between the places! It’s just another reminder of how awesome the ambiance and friendliness of this place is 🙂

All in all, Eggbreak is as lovely as always, and their new menu is definitely one worth going for! It’s one of those places where you can choose a new dish every time, because you know each one’s going to be great 😉


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