YOU WOULDN’T KNOW that behind busy Cromwell Road in Kensington lie hidden mews that are of quite a different world. The seasons have frozen here- these mews are as colourful as spring, but as beautifully silent as wintertime. After a delicious picnic in Hyde Park, we decided to explore the nearby area, and spent hours wading through the different little alleyways and mews scattered around Kensington.

These mews are seriously gorgeous- you are going to want to take a lot of photos here, so make sure your camera/phone has a lot of spare battery and storage! By the end of the day we’d run out of both!

Our favourite battery-draining spots are Queens Gate Mews and Atherstone Mews (you can find the pictures below:)) We were really lucky to have gotten the perfect kind of weather that day (blue skies but not too sunny) although considering how colourful these mews are, you should definitely pay them a visit anyway, sunshine or rain!


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