What is your favourite herb?

We both adore lavender- in cakes, tea, and even left on the dining table (we don’t eat it straight though haha but love how they sweeten the air of any room!)

We never knew there was even such a thing as a lavender field in England though! What a lovely surprise to discover we didn’t need to travel to France to go lavender picking. Hitchin Lavender Fields, which is located in Ickleford (near Luton) was just a drive away, so all we had left to do was wait for the sun to come out.

We waited many days (it’s England after all), before finally a blue sky appeared one morning! We were told it would only last a few hours before a thunderstorm would arrive (typical), so we packed our bags quickly and travelled to the fields.

Nothing could have prepared us for the bombardment of purple that greeted us… or the bees. I (Soleil) can’t stand wasps, and mistook the bees for wasps, so the first half an hour there was spend with me screeching as I stumbled around the field! By the time I couldn’t speak any longer, I realised they were actually bees and couldn’t care less about me.

We spent hours picking up lavender and dancing around the fields, before we decided to take a break and rest in the Farm cafe (screaming at bees is surprisingly very effort-draining).

The Farm shop is full of wonderful lavender products, including shampoos, soaps, conditioners, and even face scrub! We decided to go for the floral lavender tea, and 2 cakes, one of which was eaten before taking the photo [below]: courgette and avocado, and coffee and walnut. Both were delicious!

We returned to the lavender fields soon enough- but not for the lavender this time… we had found a sunflower field there! And there were no wasps 😉

Tip: The best time to visit Hitchin Lavender fields is end of July to early August 🙂


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