I am constantly hunting around for colourful hidden gems in London- remote streets nestled away behind brown and grey bricked buildings. Until not long ago, I’d known Chelsea for having almost entirely classic cottages and cute white homes, and brown ivy-coloured houses. That is- until one day, when walking to Belgravia I stumbled upon these adorable streets.

As soon as I arrived home I ran into Arax’s study and I was like "I found the coolest place!! We have a new mother-daughter adventure to go on!" and you can totally see Arax’s face changing from relaxed to horrified at the mention of a so-called ‘adventure’ (mine are usually a little too extra).

Anyone reading this thinking where is this girl taking us?! can relax though- these pretty streets are just a short walk from Saatchi Gallery and busy Kings Road, a perfect little getaway after your afternoon shop 🙂 We had a great time exploring these pretty alleyways, especially as they lead us onto one of our favourite cheesemongers- Paxton and Whitfield, the best place for a [big] slice of Hubaner! 😉

Bywater Street

Burnsall Street


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