THE BEST KINDS OF AFTERNOON are those started with a treat 😉 So we made Pierre Marcolini our first stop for the afternoon before heading over to Mayfair. Aren’t these eclairs gorgeous? Which would you choose? 🙂

Anyway, enough of us obsessing over sweets! We know you came over here to read about the Royal Academy’s summer exhibition, so we’ll move onto that now 😉

After a pretty walk through Mayfair to get to the exhibition we finally stepped through those famous candy-coloured rooms.

Every year, we have this tradition of deciding our favourite rooms. This year, we both ended up with the same room choice: this pretty maroon one.

Altogether, 1090 works had been chosen for exhibiting by the RA, so you can imagine our difficulty with finding that ‘perfect’ piece! The differences don’t stop there though: each room has its own unique messages, themes and feels (as well as artworks).

The sheer variety of works of art, from the classic to the quirky, means that there is something for everyone to be found at every Royal Academy exhibition. This one is a must for all lovers of art out there, and we’d even recommend it to any of our readers who don’t see themselves as especially drawn to art- you never know when you will find a piece that really speaks to you!


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