Who knew that you could attend an exhibition about something you do every day?!

We had no idea what to expect from Saatchi’s new exhibition. As we walked through those white doors, we half-expected being greeted with the sight of tens of people taking selfies before our eyes. Instead, the first room was silent.

Silent, but not empty.

Wherever we walked, the eyes of selfie-takers hung up on Saatchi’s white walls followed us. Spooky.

Interestingly, you’re able to ‘like’ every artwork shown in the exhibition via the little device next to it- awesome, no? :)) What makes this so much fun is the greater level of interaction with the artworks this gives you. Your ‘like’ is forever immortalised on the small screen beside the artwork.

Every room had a special message, just as every selfie told a different story. Selfies are so much more than simply photos: looking at it from a bigger picture, it’s amazing to see how people from all around the world can be connected through the simple act of tapping on your phone.


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