I’m pretty sure close friends will laugh when they read this: me, writing a post about take-aways?! As someone who is unable to eat a lot of food groups because of intolerances, I can’t have noodles or burgers or fried chicken (the latter for ethical reasons too), so find it really hard to eat on the go if I don’t have enough time for a cafe, restaurant, or homemade food.

So when Arax and I found the Fish Shop in Kensington around a month ago, I was so excited! It’s full of all these incredible already cooked foods, including dressed crabs, and my favourite of all, the juicy seared tuna with shallots and ginger (pictured below).

There is a Whole Foods in Kensington with a good range of foods, but I find it’s so much nicer to go to an independent supplier, both in terms of the quality and the lovely feeling of knowing you are helping small businesses.

From the first day we walked through the doors of the Fish Shop, we were greeted warmly, given a 10% discount off the tuna (at almost £40 a kilo it doesn’t come cheap), and gifted a free lemon and parsley. It’s the little things which make such a nice difference, and because of the kind people working there we both walked out smiling.

You might have expected that as time went by we were treated less cordially, but the service has remained exceptional (as has the tuna!). If you’re ever in a rush but need a good pick-me-up, give this place a try :)) It’s not your usual take-away, but it sure does it well.


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