I have eaten a lot of ice cream in the short amount of time since I was born (I’m not that young- it’s the amount of ice cream I managed to eat that is momentous)- but nothing like what we tried at this fantastic East London parlour.

Arax and I don’t normally go to East London because it ‘s quite far away and we are a little too good at getting lost (it took us 13 years to finally get our heads around 10% of Central London), but I’d heard of there being some absolutely incredible places to explore there. One day I decided to leave the Belgravia/Kensington comfort zone for something more exciting and I ended up having tea at a cat cafe (so cool!) and found rainbow bagels! (more on that in another post). Since then, I’ve been eager to explore more of Shoredich, and when Arax and I discovered Soft Serve Society was located there, we knew we had to visit!

When we walked inside, we were given this really cute menu (gotta love the illustrations) and that’s when we realised we would probably have to make many more visits to this awesome place because the curse of limited stomach space meant that if we chose the Sundaes we wouldn’t be able to choose the Freak-shakes and if we chose the Freak-shakes we wouldn’t be able to choose the Sundaes (decisions, decisions!)

When we were told they had a coconut and charcoal flavoured ice cream, we were won over and ordered two: the charcoal flavoured one (pictured, right), and a matcha one (left). I’m going to be completely honest with you all and tell you that if you are after the best tasting ice cream, don’t choose the matcha. It looks really pretty but is super sweet (the one in Tombo is better). Pick the hazelnut instead :)) On the other hand the charcoal one is hands down one of the best things I’ve ever tried and is a must have! Be sure to bring a couple of spare pounds when visiting this place (I’m not just talking about money here 😉


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