ONE OF THE MANY THINGS Arax and I share as a mother daughter duo is a love of colour :)) So the Rainbow Bagels we found from the Beigel Shop on Brick Lane were absolutely perfect for us!

You see these literally all over Instagram, but they’re so hard to find outside Sydney, New York and Los Angeles (the usual Rainbow Bagel haunts). I shouldn’t have been surprised though to find them in Shoredich seeing as how this is the land of cat cafes (unforgettable experience) and Freak-shakes (stomach-stuffingly good).

After buying enough bagels for a family, we decided to walk around Brick Lane. This place has so much interesting street art, I can say with almost complete confidence that you probably can’t find one street which doesn’t have some sort of artwork drawn, painted, or plastered on it. The art-extraness is one of the many things which really sets Shoredich apart from the rest of London.

This is also the best place for posing :))

As you walk down Brick Lane you’ll pass many really quirky clothing boutiques, chocolate shops, and- most famous of all- the Killer Cereal Cafe. I’ll have to dedicate a whole post to it because it is just the coolest spot ever for a cereal :)) (They must have, like, 200 types of cereal from all around the world, and that doesn’t include their other awesome products like cereal lip balm).

Other things you have to do in Shoredich include making time (and stomach space) for an ice cream at Soft Serve Society, checking out the Brick Lane Market, and, for all our vintage-loving readers, exploring the many stores there dedicated to just that.

When Arax and I last travelled to Shoredich, we went for just the Rainbow Bagels (the long drive there is worth it!) and a little bit of wall-spotting. We don’t actually know what to do with them yet though- bagel burger, or stuffed with ice cream and candy floss?


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