Hallo Germany!

It is so good to be back! Arax and I used to live here with my father and brother a couple of years ago, and it brought back so many lovely memories to be touching down in Hamburg yet again. There is so much to see and do here, the nature is absolutely stunning, and don’t get me started on the insane bakeries around here- the food is literally to die for:))

Unlike all the other trips to Germany I’ve taken, this one will be without Arax, because she’s travelled to Prague to see grand-mère, so I have used the incentive of freak-shakes and quirky food to drag my brother, Andrew, along with me 😉

We chose to take the trip up north to Kiel, which is really close to Denmark and has some beautiful places to walk beside the sea. First though, we decided to raid the CITTI. The one in Kiel is a great supermarket, sort of like Whole Foods, with an unbelievable range of things to buy, including organic food and exotic products. It is also so big that I would need the whole year to try half the food they sell there!

There I found my favourite cheese- Tête de Moine. We have this everywhere in Switzerland- it is cheese cut into rosettes, and it tastes incredible! In London you don’t get the packs, you have to buy the whole bulk and create the rosettes yourself, but here like Switzerland I found the Emmi packs I adore!

Anyway enough of me talking about cheese- Kiel might have a lot of that to offer, but there is so much more to see :))

The city centre is beside the sea, so we parked our car there and took a walk by the water, waiting for sunset.

Soon enough, it came.

We don’t get this kind of sunset in London: those red, red skies. There was something very magical about watching the colours play out before us, unfolding like a story.


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