IT’S BEEN THREE YEARS since I visited these beautiful shores. The last time I was in Strande, Kiel, I was more interested in eating cakes by the lighthouses than walking around on the beach though, so my not remembering very much about this place is to do with more than just the amount of time I spent away from them 😉

Strande is a really popular part of North Germany because not only is it the gateway to Sweden and Denmark, but it’s also such a beautiful place to walk! You can spend hours strolling around on the sand, watching the sky go pink and the sun go down.

After having a really lovely meal at the Kaiser restaurant, which is right beside the water (the plum pudding with vanilla sauce there is sooo perfect!) we decided to walk around the harbour and spend the evening watching the ships go past. That sounds so boring but actually it’s a great break from all the shopping in Hamburg (I’ll be writing a must-do list for it soon!).

The best time to get sunset pictures and see the beautiful scenery at this time of year (August) in North Germany is 8:30pm. That’s the point where the baby blue sky starts to transform- going a deep red on some days, and soft purple on others. That evening, it was a gorgeous gorgeous pink, and the rose colour spread out across the water and the sky, painting it gold.


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