MY LOVE FOR RAW MILK started the day I first tried it on holiday in Annecy, France. We visited the gorgeous Thônes, which is nearby, and which is where I found my very first milk vending machine next to a wonderful village shop (it had like 200 cheeses and so many different things to buy!).

Since then, I don’t drink anything but the stuff (I make it into yogurt but have it as it is too). Some people are afraid of it I know, and I’m not going to go into details but from my own experience it’s changed my life for the better and I would totally recommend raw milk to anyone especially if you, like me, can’t digest the pasteurised one:))

In Germany raw milk is called Rohmilch or Vorzugsmilch. The first is unfiltered and hard to find but the second is also raw milk also hard to find, only filtered, and easier to find than the Rohmilch.

After a couple of hours looking for it around Hamburg I found the place! So we drove over there. It’s located at a farm shop nestled away amongst the beautiful fields of Tüttendorf.

After my cousin, who also loves taking photos, talked to the owner, we were invited to see how they prepared our milk. I can’t describe the process but you can scroll through the images below to get an idea :))

We bought all in all 10 bottles of milk, 3 bottles of their cream, some honey (it’s pure white and literally incredible) and eggs. All of them turned out delicious :)) I would definitely recommend this place for their fantastic regional products! If you’d like to know how Arax and I make raw milk yogurt, you can check out the article here.


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