FOR A DRINK THAT IS SO POPULAR THIS SUMMER, freak-shakes are so incredibly hard to find! In London they’ve started popping up across a number of places, but as you travel through Europe that’s not the case 🙁 Which is such a shame as they’re so good!

When I arrived in Hamburg I met up with my cousin and we caught up on what each other had been doing for the past 3 years. Unsurprisingly, freak-shakes came up in our (long) conversation about food- but she’d never tried one!

I made it a personal ‘mission’ to find them in Hamburg, and after searching for several hours finally discovered you could get them at Dulf’s Burger!

We left the car at the parking building and decided to walk toward the Burger Restaurant. It was one long walk but there were a lot of interesting things on the way too, like painted buildings, many bakeries, and quirky cafes.

Finally after arriving and ordering, the wait was over, and the freakshakes arrived!

You can choose between the Blueberry Freak-shake and the Oreo one. We went with both so we could compare. The Blueberry one is nice but if I had to go for one it would be the Oreo :)) It’s so hard to finish the whole thing as they are so big, but even the brownie on top is really tasty so you’ll suddenly discover it’s all done 😉


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