WHEN I PLAN PLACES TO VISIT, one of the first things I think of is what kind of photos I will take there. It’s easy to say that being a blogger means that’s just ‘what I do’ but actually I’ve loved finding interesting things to take photos of since I was 8 :)) I can’t forget the excitement I felt when I’d bought my first camera and taken it on a school trip (the photos disappeared faster than the camera though).

There is so much to see in Hamburg, and yet often you have so little time to explore it all! I’ve spent the last few days exploring and researching the most gorgeous places to take photos here, so now I’m finally done I can’t wait to share this list with you guys! Make sure you bring a camera when visiting these lovely spots- you’ll need it! 😉

1. Around the lake.

This is the most obvious option on the list. I actually was going to miss it this trip when I first heard people telling me to go back there, but then thanks to my brother Andrew we ended up passing by and I’m so happy I got to see it again! I’d last seen it several years ago and forgotten how wonderful it really is. It seems you have to leave a place to truly appreciate how much it meant to you. It might be touristy but with all the beauty there is to see there I can totally understand why;)

2. Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten.

One of my favourite hotels in the city. The feeling here is relaxed, and the hotel is beautiful and cosy. It also has Michelin starred dining, so a great place to start and finish your day! I absolutely love the beautiful staircases you walk down in the morning from your room.

3. Radisson Blu Hotel Terrace.

This place has absolutely gorgeous views of the city, and is the perfect location to enjoy the evening. You can see everything from the top floor (26), and the staff are really kind too.

4. Urban Foodie

All the bloggers come to this foodie-spot, and with their delicious food and stunning presentation I can totally see why! Everything is so perfect for taking photos here, from the zucchini noodles with pretty salad topping to the white marble tables. A new post about it will be coming soon to the blog to keep a lookout!

5. Jacob C Hotel.

This hotel has a beautiful terrace overlooking the lake which I would definitely recommend for some drinks and snacks. The menu inside (they also have Michelin dining available) is much better than the terrace, but the latter has wonderful views, so good for something sweet to eat/drink.

6. Bruno’s Käseladen.

If you, like me, are a cheese lover then you have to visit this wonderful cheesemonger! You can find so many different varieties, it is a must-go.

7. St Michael’s Church.

This gorgeous Church is both beautiful inside, and also from above, where you can climb up the tower to look over the whole of Hamburg. They also do regular services, and you can find more about them here.

8. Dulf’s Burger- for Freak-shakes!

I’ve written a whole post about this awesome spot, which you can check out by clicking on this link. You can choose between a Blueberry freak-shake and an Oreo one. This is one of Hamburg’s best kept secrets!

9. Deutsches Schauspielhaus.

You cannot leave Hamburg without attending a concert at one of its most beautiful theatres! This one is my favourite in the city: the interior is breathtaking, and the plays are unmissable. It’s a wonderful place to spend the evening.

10. Paledo Lehmweg.

This is another one of Hamburg’s chic cafes! If you like chia bowls you are going to be coming here again and again! They have a good menu, and very photogenic food 😉


– Black Delight: a cool cafe with quirky presentation of foods.

– Carls Restaurant: One of my favourites, not only because of its good food but also because it has a stunning view of the lake. The menu is splendid.

– Bio- Schlachter Fricke: A great Organic Butcher in the city.

– Klippkroog: Another lovely cafe with Organic eggs.

– Attes Mädchen: For Rolled Ice-Cream!!!


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