5 Instagramable Spots in Berlin

ABOUT A YEAR AGO I was introduced to Instagram by my good friend Elizabeth, who told me about using it as a sort of photo-album of your life. I’d always loved taking photos but at the time had no idea that there was an online platform for posting them! (I live under a rock).

These days I rarely travel anywhere without my camera. Instagram has changed my life, and I love it. Yes I do spend much longer on my phone than I did before, but never have I also spent so long exploring new and exciting places, opening my eyes to different cultures, ideas, and perspectives on beauty, and feeling passionate about capturing stories so vividly as I do now.

Whenever I visit somewhere new, I spend hours creating a list of great and picture-perfect places to visit while I’m there. This is my top list for Berlin!

1. The River. Seemingly touristic, and yet something you just can’t miss while you’re in the city. I find that the best shots are those you can get on a sunny day, or at sunset, when the sky is painted crimson and the water goes pink.

2. House of Small Wonder. Not only is this place absolutely beautiful, but they also serve lovely food and drink like lavender lattes and organic meat and eggs too. It’s fantastically unique and just lovely for photos.

3. Brandenburg Gate. This is the most busy of them all, but so worth it. Go at sunset, when the rays of light leak out though the pillars and wash the roads and park trees in gold. It’s a sight to remember.

4. Galeries Lafayette. After you are done taking hundreds of pictures of their staircases, shop here for fashion and food. Trust me, you won’t regret it. This is one of my favourite chains in the world for shopping, and I don’t normally like chains at all. The fashion pieces are gorgeous. Don’t get me started on the food. Once I had ravaged the cheese counter, I moved onto the rest. It took several hours to get me out of the food court, which had incredible sweet treats like strawberry madelines. Harrods and Selfridges do not compare.

5. Alma Schollhotel Im Grunewald. One of my favourite hotels in Berlin. It is sooo pretty, from the floors to the furniture. I am very fond of it. It’s not far neither from stunning Potsdam nor Berlin centre. I prefer the pool on Soho House Berlin because the view makes it perfect for sunset, but Schollhotel Im Grunewald is the most magical of them all and will always have a special place in my heart.

Other great places:

– Bety ‘n Caty

– Landgericht Berlin

– Le Bon

– Sushi at Dudu

– Nikolaivertel

– Café Bar Ora

– Parker Bowles


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