The Secret Berlin Cafe Everyone Is Talking About

You may have seen it before on Instagram, but can you put a name to the face?

This is the one and only House of Small Wonder, a blogger hotspot that is quickly becoming one of the must-see attractions of Germany’s capital city.

A couple of months ago I saw a picture of it on Instagram, yet no location had been given! I spent a couple of hours searching for it, before finally finding out the name of this elusive yet beautiful place. When I finally stepped through those doors, I stopped in my tracks, awe-struck by the simple gorgeousness of everything inside… also because it is so popular that there were a lot of people blocking the door, so I couldn’t walk inside right away 😉 Soon enough though, silence fell on the entrance, and we walked around wordless and sort of aimlessly, just admiring the unique furniture and architecture.

Upstairs, the cafe was busy, yet surprisingly refreshing. They won me over with their menu, which features organic and free range meat (yes!) lavender lattes (yes!) and organic eggs any way you like… with avocado (yes! yes! yes!). Plus the range of Japanese food is splendid. While you sit and wait for your food, you can busy yourself looking around at the interesting things they have around. It’s like you’re taken to a different world here, a different age, and the atmosphere is magical.


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