Urban Foodie Hamburg: The Instagram Spot You Have to Visit!

AS SOON AS I ARRIVED IN HAMBURG, I started thinking about food (…obviously). I have this obsession with trying out new dishes and foods. It’s so exciting when you find a new way of eating or making something.

I’d tried zucchini noodles before and adored them so when I found out that they are on the menu of Urban Foodie I knew I had to visit!

Urban Foodie is basically this chic and relaxed healthy foodie spot in Hamburg which has become a blogger hotspot. As soon as I walked inside I realised why: the white marble tables (perfect for photos!), the colourful food (perfect for photos!) and the gorgeous plates (perfect for photos!) ticked all the boxes. I was really excited when I found out that their meat is organic/free range (bio in German) as it’s a cause that’s so important to me, and the range is wonderful across their food and drink menus too.

With all this talk of photo-perfect food you might be wondering about the taste…

I had brought along with me the greatest restaurant critic of them all: my father. Father doesn’t like cafes, foodie hotspots, new trends, or casual restaurants. You might say that this could potentially have been a recipe for disaster.

We ordered, all in all, the Vegan Bolognese (with Zucchini Noodles) for my cousin, two Blackened Salmon Filets (for Father and I), and Chicken Terriyaki Poké for my brother Andrew.

The verdict? Absolutely delicious.

The Blackened Salmon had come with my beloved zucchini noodles and avocado, along with a wonderful sweet-soy-lemon sauce. It was divine: so juicy and the flavours complemented one another beautifully. It tasted as good as it looked, and we both really enjoyed it. Also, the portion was great.

The Vegan Bolognese was also apparently superb, although according to Andrew the Chicken Terriyaki Poké was a little bit too healthy 😉 If you are after healthy definitely go for it, but my personal recommendation to you would be the Salmon, or, if you’re vegetarian or vegan, the Bolognese 🙂 Maybe my love for zucchini makes me biased but they do them so well here!

I love it when food tastes as good as, or better, than it looks. This is one of those lovely places where you leave with a smile on your face, a happy stomach, and a hundred pictures on your camera :))


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