The Best Ever London Vegan Spot You’ll Find

A confession, first: I’m not a vegan.

So I know how ironic that might sound, a non-vegan writing an article about a vegan place?! Here’s the thing though: I am a really fussy eater, and until I tried the food at this wonderful restaurant, I’d only ever thought of vegan food as chia bowls and a lot of lentil and bean-based meals. In other words, things I couldn’t eat 🙁

That is, until I tried the zucchini spaghetti here.

Oh but now I’ve spoiled it! 😉

I was going to start by giving a description of the feeling of walking inside, first expectations, etc, but I just couldn’t wait. I have got to tell you about the food!

Before I get carried away and miss over this part, it’s called Nama (not to get it confused with Noma, as I have hundreds of times), and is a raw, vegan restaurant based in Notting Hill.

And they make the best zoodles ever!

I ordered the Chef’s special, after consulting the waiters who gave me some good advice on what to eat. Nuts make me really unwell so I had to give the truffled zoodles with rice-mozarella a miss (although that sounds so good!). They use coconut sugar a fair amount here, especially in their sauces. Mine seemed plain just looking at it, but honestly, it could not have tasted better.

When I took a first fork-full, I’d expected something warm. Instead I got cold and refreshing courgette, with balsamic marinated mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes. It also came with parsley which made it taste like tabolleh and made me love it all the more. The yellow powder on top is actually yeast though! I would never have guessed just looking at it!

They use some really interesting ingredients here. I don’t know exactly what they put in this meal, but it tasted incredible: so juicy and really light but filling too. I got so hooked on zoodles that the next day, I bought an electric spiralizer, but I know that won’t stop me from coming here again and again and again. You just can’t match food like this.

That’s not counting the crazy dessert and drinks menu: the range here is wonderful, and really great tasting all the way, from the coffee to the raw cakes.

Even if you, like me, aren’t vegan, I would definitely go for this place: don’t be put off by the absence of dairy or meat, you will not be disappointed by their food. If you are vegan though, you will have just found the best place to eat in London ever :)) I’m sure you’ll love their food as much as I do!

Before you leave though, be sure to get a matcha on your way out, it is lovely here 🙂


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