The Dayrooms Cafe London: Refreshingly Light Eating

In between shoots with Airbnb for an exciting new project I can’t wait to share with you all, Arax and I invited the crew to brunch with us at The Dayrooms Cafe, a sweet little spot in Notting Hill. The cafe’s located right past Portobello Market, which was just perfect because it wasn’t too far from our photo locations, but just far enough off the tourist track and busy streets 😉

The decor inside is simple but chic, and I love the colour combo (lots of pretty deep and aqua blues). It’s lively, but in a good way, and our large group was welcomed really warmly 🙂 I feel that service is such an important part of what makes a great restaurant, cafe, or any business really, and from the moment we stepped inside the staff were really accommodating and greeted us with smiles 🙂

We were all eager to eat after hours of endless shooting so when the food arrived quickly we were more than happy! It had been a Sunday afternoon and I’d been contemplating whether to dine here or at Farm Girl. In terms of presentation, Farm Girl takes the win, but this place is good if you want to go somewhere a little bit more secluded and not have to wait an hour for your table. We had more shooting to do in the afternoon and not enough time to wait in line, so it was a nice cafe to go and get something fast and healthy to eat.

While Arax had ordered the rainbow yumminess above, I went with the poached eggs. I always get so excited when a restaurant or cafe serves me perfectly ripe avocados with my food, and these complimented the eggs really well 🙂 I think if I were to go back to the Dayrooms I’d pick the Omelette as generally unless I get a lot of really interesting sides or sauce on top, poached eggs leave me hungry 😉 But it was not a bad meal at all 🙂


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