The Head of the River, Oxford

As promised in my Oxford travel guide article, today I’m writing a review for one of the places I recommended in Oxford for lunch- The Head of the River, a 4* Hotel and Pub.

We were recommended this place by a local who spent many minutes raving about it, until we assured him we’d be sure to visit :))

As soon as we arrived, we were seated at a table by the river, overlooking a charming little bridge and water view. I immediately freaked out over the blue table (typical) because I just love the presentation of food on something colourful- somehow it adds this summery vibe to whatever you’re eating or drinking. Or maybe I am just extra like that 😉

After ordering drinks, we checked out the food menu, which had so many unique dishes to choose from! Best of all, the meat they serve here is free range. It’s sadly quite difficult to find free range meat at so many restaurants even today so it was such a lovely surprise to find out they serve it here. Another great thing is that vegans and vegetarians can also feel welcome at this charming spot, which has quite a varied menu, and the chefs are happy to accommodate special requests and allergies :))

We ended up going for, left to right, the burger, which came with gouda cheese (yum) BBQ ribs, and two rib-eye steaks. The burger was succulent and light, and the corn Andrew ordered was apparently really good (it definitely smelled that way;))

Mine and Arax’s steaks were not bad at all! Having dined at Bob Bob Ricard only the day before I’d not expected to like it as much as I did 😉 They had made some vegetables on the side and I have to say, the aubergine was delicious! I’d never expected a pub to have such healthy and light meals (we needed it after our long food-filled day!) so this was just perfect.

For pudding we’d ordered the Eton Mess, which was wonderful, and coffee and tea on the side, but what really sold the show was the brownie, which was warm, juicy and super good!

Together with the ice cream it was divine, and just the most splendid end to the meal :)) If you come here with someone else, make sure you order 2- you’re not going to want to share 😉


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