A Birthday Cake Made Of Cheese

How to plan the perfect belated birthday party?

With so many choices I felt overwhelmed while deciding where to go with two of my good friends Renee and Elizabeth for my Belated 20th. I finally settled for Belmond Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons (more on the day in this post) but from their menu I knew they didn’t serve birthday cakes.

One of the funniest things though that all three of us love is- and you might be surprised to hear this because it’s so random- cheese.

I am one of those extra people who spends hours searching random food items to buy online (potato chips made of gold, anyone?). So when I came across this gorgeous one from the Fine cheese Co, I knew I had to order it for us!

I first discovered The Fine Cheese Co a while back, when they had just opened a cheese cafe in Belgravia. I should do a review on it soon for you guys because it is such a great place and if you like cheese you have to go there! They serve cheese soufflés, savoury macarons, and cheese boards there on pretty porcelain, and everything is absolutely delicious. After looking around on their website I’d found out they do Cheese Birthday Cakes, and that’s when I really got hooked.

If you’re not sure how to get the cheese cake delivered to your hotel or a restaurant you’re hoping to dine at, what I did was just call them in advance to ask for permission first, and then emailed them my receipt to confirm I had ordered it, and make sure they knew it was arriving. Everything turned out perfect, and I’d completely recommend this method to anyone else.

As for what cheeses I ordered, the first one is some sort of wine washed cheese- very strong, but lovely with crackers, and is called Petit Gaugry. You can find its brothers and sisters in other cheesemongers (La Fromagerie is one example), but this is just the little one. I think it’s a nice cheese to try, especially if you don’t mind anything quite strong.

The second cheese was a soft cheese, and was wonderful too. It is sort of like a Flower Marie, only more soft, and is light. Also really great with breads. It’s called Brillat Savarin.

Then finally the biggest one was the Curworthy Baby, which, at 500g, was not a baby at all, but was delicious! It is like a cheddar only not as strong and personally I do like it better because it is creamier. Unlike the other two it’s pasteurised but still good really good. I loved how each layer was different- it gave the cake more of an exciting feel as you’re eager to taste the next cheese. I would definitely order it again and again and totally recommend for anyone who loves cheese (or is willing to try!).

Disclaimer: I have not been in any way sponsored by The Fine Cheese Co or Belmond Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons.


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