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Halloween is finally almost upon us, but before you go out costume shopping, make sure these autumn-approved pieces are on your list! I’ve gone with an orangey vibe this month (with the exception of the Dries Van Noten sandals). Somehow I find that in the season where eating pumpkin soup and taking out your wellies once more becomes the norm, I lean towards those warmer, cosier colours- something to match the golden leaves beginning to cascade down the trees

I can’t rave about these Dries Van Noten shoes enough: the contrast between both the colours and textures is just a winner for me. These shoes will give even a really simple outfit- I’m thinking dark jeans and a tee- that extra pop you need.

£720, via Selfridges.

Got a dog-lover in your life, or love them yourself? Behold the most perfect gift for any animal lover. This ring by NACHis so cute and I love how colourful it is too- it will match perfectly with those burnt orange colours that are the staples of autumn!

€75, via Luisaviaroma.

This absolutely gorgeous over shirt by Ellery is 70% off, so be quick before it’s gone! I am a sucker for suede and you guys already know how I feel about autumn colours in autumn. With that steal of a price tag, it’s a yes yes yes from me.

£416, down from £1389, via My Theresa.

As soon as I saw these Vista Alegre retro cups, I just knew I had to add them on this list. First, the colours are so striking (and autumn friendly), and second, that design is just unbelievably cool. These have to be one of the quirkiest pair of coffee cups I’ve seen in a long while.

£98, via Bonadea.

The first three words I said when I saw this Wild and Woolly phone casewas ‘Ahh!’ ‘cute’, and ‘ahh!’. It actually looks like some sort of furry animal! I have never seen such a crazy phone case. I’ve not a nagging feeling that it was made especially for us extra people.

£475, via Harvey Nichols.

This Marina Hoermanseder bag has to be one of my favourite accessories of 2017. It is one of those iconic bags where you instantly know the designer. I love the pink version, but what better way to celebrate the beginning of autumn than with this particular colour?

£685, via fashionette (can also be paid in instalments).

I was won over by this dress because of its adorable bow tie. Then I saw the price tag and I couldn’t quite believe it. You know that feeling when you see something you thing is much more expensive than it is? It is one wonderful feeling. They’ve now put it 50% off too!

$23.99 via Romwe.

Another one of those rare, underpriced gems. I love Virginia Casa especially in the autumn when I can serve my caramelised carrots in their carrot-shaped bowlsand pumpkin soup in their pumpkin-shaped bowls (yes really! Check them out for more). Elegant, colourful and unique- the perfect combination.

£22.95, via Liberty.

I know it’s not Christmas yet but you know I’m extra so we know I was going to put something Christmassy on this list. Luckily, my full Christmas mania hasn’t (yet) kicked in, so I’m going small with these really cute Gingerbread Man earringsby one of my favourite brands, Les Nereides.

£35, via Jewellery4.

Rarely do candles come as pretty as this Fornasetti. Let me be honest wth you all: I am normally not a fan of these fish. I laughed when I saw Rococo using them as foil for their chocolates. But on a candle vessel? Even I have to admit, it’s pretty sweet (plus the candle is lavender scented).

£140, via Net-A-Porter.

Finally, I’m going to finish this October issue with an office stable (no more puns after this, I promise). This oneis (crucially) October/Autumn friendly, but is so cute that you’re going to have to make sure you don’t lend it out to anyone else 😉

£24.95, via Liberty.

DISCLOSURE: None of these items/brands has sponsored me in any way to feature them here. These are just personal picks that I love, and hope you’ll love too! If you live anywhere outside the UK, feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to find them for you in your country.

Soleil xx


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