Prague’s Most Instagramable view

Every time I return to Prague, I set myself the challenge of finding a new favourite view. On my latest trip to the colourful city, before I’d even set foot on Czech soil I began the long search for that one viewpoint which would complete the whole trip. It is exactly like taking a hundred photos and having to choose one (just one!) to post online. How do you pick?

I’d decided to discard all viewpoints that were indoors, because I find natural light looks so much better on photos, and all major touristy spots, because you can just find those on any guide site. It had to be something different, preferably with chairs (and food), because there is nothing better than eating with a gorgeous view in front of you.

In Prague I only know of 3 Hotels, and those are the Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, and Sheraton. I’d never even heard of the Aria Hotel until I found it by chance online. As soon as I saw the view I knew I had to visit!

We’d booked the best table at the terrace, but London had decided to follow us to Prague (this seems to be something that typically happens to Londoners!), and the rain meant we weren’t able to eat outside. The view though was as stunning as it had been in the photos. You get the most wonderful vantage point from which to admire the iconic architecture of Prague, and from the other side you can look out into the greenery towards Prague Castle. It is one of those places you can return to again and again, just to re-experience the magic of first seeing it yourself. Hopefully next time I visit though it will not be a rainy week 😉


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