Autumn Hair Makeover Part 1

For months, I’d been wanting to add a new twist on my hair colour. The amount of screenshots of possible ‘dos had gotten so many that I finally decided last week that I had to take the plunge and finally pick one! Neither my phone nor my friends and family could take it any more!

I spent hours more crossing off different styles until I came to two: one being a honey-coloured balayage, and the other being a more platinum balayage. It was so hard to choose! Go radical (and get an awesome new look), or go with something more familiar, and get a really sweet new hairdo.

Looking at the pictures below I wouldn’t blame you for thinking I went with the honey coloured look… but no, I decided to take another plunge and ask my hairdresser Paco for the platinum-ended one (so not me!)

My terror/excitement about getting such a radical colour (I would be having Olaplex on my hair but that wouldn’t dim the blonde!) was interrupted when, after showing Paco the hair colour I wanted done, he told me it wouldn’t take just one salon trip. I don’t know if any of you have had this experience before (if you have, I’d love to hear your experience!), but apparently because my hair is so dark it would have to be lightened over a couple of weeks/months, i.e several 5-hour salon appointments.

At first, I was sort of disappointed, and also kind of worried. I know you’re supposed to be really excited about getting your hair done (you are paying for it after all!), but I get this A-Level/uni exam unease about having to wait longer to see the final result.

I could not have been more wrong about the whole thing! After going through with the colour anyway (if you want to know what changed-coffee), I realised half-way through that this was the best outcome I could have hoped for- I’d be spending a few weeks with my honey-highlight ‘do, before getting another colour done! In other words, the two hair colours I’d wanted to try!

Sometimes, you only realise how lucky you are after a while. I’m really looking forward to sharing with you guys a full review of the salon as soon as Paco’s done the second round of balayage, but from how it stands at the moment I am really happy with this autumnal colour :))

The salon is True Live Vauxhall- ask for Paco, he’s amazing. From my experience I find that recommendations will get you the best places to go, from hair to food to clothes, and my friend Elizabeth couldn’t have been more right about Paco 🙂 No more hair trips to Mayfair or Belgravia 😉


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