Seafood and Soufflés at Scott’s

Do you know the feeling you get when practically everyone you know has been to this one place where you have yet to go? For those lucky few that have yet to experience it, it’s basically this mixture of desperation that you have managed to let this place slip from your hands, and excitement to try what everyone has been raving about (is it worth all the fuss?)

My friends are always going to and telling me about one of three restaurants that I still haven’t gone to: Scott’s (where literally everyone seems to be, funnily enough), La Petite Maison, and 34 Mayfair. On Sunday I attended a brunch at Christie’s (cannot wait to share with you guys the gorgeous artworks we found there), with my friend Sasha, and despite eating way too many of their scrambled eggs we seemed to find the appetite to cross off one of those places from my list: Scott’s!

From what I gather, a lot of the people who come here order seafood, so when we arrived I ordered the grilled lobster with garlic butter and seashore vegetables, while Sasha (who’d already dined here- you see! I’m living under a rock!) went with the truffle-topped Keen’s cheddar soufflé. We picked tenderstem broccoli for our sides.

Maybe it’s that time flies when you’re having fun with good friends, but it took surprisingly little time for our meals to arrive (in pretty plates, no less).

The lobster was really light and refreshing, and went really nicely with the garlic butter. This is a great meal if you just want a small snack or something not too filling.

On the other hand I would say that the soufflé was incredible, and if you are a cheese fan you have to come here to try it. Again, I’ve mentioned this in another article but I really am kind of biased when a restaurant serves truffles with their food (hopelessly obsessed with it) but it just made the dish that bit more irresistible.

By the time the waiter had given us the dessert menus, I was finished eating for the next hour (yes really) but Sasha went with the Apple Sake and Miso sorbet- sounds so weird doesn’t it? But sometimes the best things are left till last 😉


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