The One Thing you HAVE to Buy From Zara!

I started off really aggressively with the "now!" I know… but I just had to share this post with you all before this gorgeous coloured jacket is sold out in stores!

Zara is probably my favourite High Street brand at the moment. Somehow, it has gotten more creative in its designs over the years to the point where in many cases the pieces they have there look like they came out of designer stores! I love to combine their pieces with items I find from some of my favourite places to buy clothes.

So when I found this stunning red jacket while browsing aimlessly around one day, I knew it was a rare gem- not only is it so vivid, but matches so well with the autumnal colours popping up all over London.

I had met up in Notting Hill with a fellow photo-loving friend of mine, Yudi, and together we strolled down the pretty pastel coloured streets towards Farm Girl. Wherever I went, to my delight I found that the jacket contrasted really nicely with the pretty coloured houses in the area.

I love this new addition to my outfit and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to get into the Autumnal mood! You can get the jacket on the Zara website, with this link.

Disclosure: I have not been sponsored by Zara or any other company or store to write this post, nor am I using affiliate links. This is just a friendly tip 🙂

Soleil xx


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