Red and Blue Lattes in Notting Hill London

I really love how lattes have gotten so crazy lately that you can now get one to match every colour of your outfit: from black lattes to yellow ones, you’re being given less and less of a chance to justify not walking around completely colour co-ordinated, drink included.

Notting Hill’s Farm Girl, (easily one of my favourite places to go for photo-worthy food!) has caught on to the trend with their new latte collection: think yellow lattes, charcoal lattes, blue lattes and red lattes.

I’d tried pink lattes at AIDA Shoredich, and black ones at Farm Girl before, but when I heard about the blue lattes I lost it. I called up a friend of mine who was equally flabbergast at the strange concoction, and we agreed to brave it together.

As soon as we were given our menus, we both searched for the unusually coloured drinks- half believing it was all some sort of internet trick. but no! Lo and behold, there it was, nestled away at the end of the drinks menu… a matcha blue latte.

It was absolutely gorgeous and soon enough we caught the tinted latte fever so more rounds of coloured drinks followed while we munched on omelettes.

[My friend] Yudi had gone with a mushroom filled omelette (so good!) on top of sourdough bread. What is really nice about Farm Girl is the way that the plates really contrast the food, making everything really Instagramable.

I’d chosen the plain omelette made with coconut oil, but added sides of avocado and chicken. it gave it a refreshing twist, and also made for a more colourful plate (because you know how much that matters here) 😉


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