Sushi at Dozo in Kensington

With so many Japanese restaurants to choose from in London, it can often be so difficult to decide on one! What makes it worse is that when you search reviews of the possible places, you get all this conflicting opinion from people with very different experiences!

I personally find that the best way to find the winning restaurants in the city is to go after recommendations from people you know and trust. Better still is to take them with you!

The Royal Academy has three really interesting exhibitions in London at the moment that I’m writing this: Matisse in the Studio, Jasper Johns and an exhibition on Dalí and Duchamp. I took my fellow art-loving friend Elizabeth with me to the preview of Dalí and Duchamp but I have to say we did end up wandering off to the other two (and actually enjoying them more!).

After several hours of art we were more than ready to eat, and Elizabeth knew just the place to go! It’s a Japanese restaurant called Dozo. Really cosy inside (you sit on a higher platform- no chairs!), and with a nice extensive menu.

Easily my favourite thing was- no surprise here- the Wagyu Sushi Elizabeth had chosen. It had asparagus inside, and was spicy but in a really inviting and interesting way. With a little bit of soya sauce and caviar on the top to finish, it was one of the best sushi I’d ever tried. I would definitely recommend it!

Elizabeth had also gone with the Curry Tori Done, which was deep fried Chicken with Japanese curry sauce and rice, and came with miso soup. This is the best dish for you if you’re really hungry 😉

I’m normally very reserved about ordering raw fish but I decided to go all out on this visit and went with a selection of different types. The one below is the Scallops Sashimi and was surprisingly nice!

We’d also gone with some other types of Sashimi, including the tuna (great), Salmon (better), and Wagyu (nice but I preferred the sushi version 😉

The fish was really fresh, which is a must for sushi and sashimi, and the cosy environment was exactly what we needed after the hustle and bustle of busy Mayfair. I could come here literally every day for the Wagyu Sushi- this is a must try place for that fantastic dish!


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