Autumn Brunch at Chiltern Firehouse

What better way to spend a sunny Sunday than brunch at your favourite spot with your closest friends?

Personally, I can’t think of one!

We were lucky with the weather because if you’ve ever lived or visited London you will probably have heard the saying "typical English weather" and this couldn’t be a more right saying for the constantly cloudy/rainy days we get here!

Me, Elizabeth, Sasha and Renee had planned a brunch together at Chiltern (sort of last minute but we got a table :)) We’d agreed to meet at 2pm so I decided to pass the time by taking a walk inside Hyde Park, which is absolutely beautiful this time of year.

In no time at all though 2pm arrived and each of us headed over to our meeting spot. Unfortunately Renee couldn’t make it for today :(( So we really missed her, especially as when the food started arriving the dishes were so good!

As usual, the drinks were spot on.

After forever deciding what to order, we had all finally made up our minds. Sasha went with the crab stuffed doughnuts (they are really famous here for making them and totally worth it!), I went with the Oysters, and Elizabeth went with the Steak Tartare.

I’d never tried raw Oysters before (I normally cook them with vegetables), so I was really nervous about trying them- would I look stupid eating them? Would I be unable to swallow them? When they arrived I looked on them with absolute dread!

Luckily, good friends always know exactly how to calm you down! And the Oysters were sooo delicious! I don’t think I will ever eat them cooked again- they are just too good fresh. If you’re wondering how to eat them, basically add lemon (they had already had salt added I think) first. It makes them much tastier. And if it’s your first time eating them I would definitely advise using a spoon to help you eat them 😉

We spent the time in between our starters and mains talking and sharing stories, and the mains arrived in no time at all.

For our mains, I had gone with the Aged Dexter Beef Sirloin. It was really nice, and the mushrooms and greens were cooked perfectly, as was the meat.

Sasha had chosen another of the menu items Chiltern is most famous for- the Buttermilk Pancakes, which came with some really lovely sides, and smelt so good!

Last but definitely not least I have to tell you guys about Elizabeth’s dish because not only did it look wonderful but was great-tasting too :)) She’d gone with the Hash Brown- easily one of the best presented I’d ever seen.

Chiltern is easily my favourite restaurant in London because it is such a lovely place to spend your time, especially with friends.

I’ve dined here before but not for brunch and overall I would say that if you decide to come here, book for a Saturday/Sunday around 2pm- it’s not too crowded, but just lively enough to be fun. A special tip from me is to pick a table outside, and bring as many of your closest as you can! The more the merrier :))


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