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Hey I’m Soleil! I’m living between London and Switzerland, but currently studying in London while I complete my degree at UCL (randomly, this happens to be Politics!). I don’t have a "I quit my job and started this blog story" but I can give you the names of a hundred cheeses and talk for hours about Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Luckily, I don’t do that here on Poetry in Colour (trust me that’s a good thing). Instead, I love using this space to write about Instagramable places to visit, great cafes/restaurants to eat out and my favourite things to buy each month.

A few years ago I started Break the Enigma, a site dedicated to sharing my high school and uni essays, educational articles and altogether things that would benefit others in terms of education. I keep stressing the education bit because I discovered on the way that, exactly like in my school lessons before, I kept verging off into borderline ‘non educational’ topics like ‘The Food of Shakespeare’s Plays’ and kind of stretching the definition of ‘academic’ to include holidays and essays on dessert and cheese names.

It took around three years of weird half-academic articles to discover I had to have a new outlet where I could write about my beloved non educational topics because I seemed to be doing that anyway 😉 That’s where the idea for an Instagram and Lifestyle Blog came from!

I still love Hamlet, but there’s something about being able to share incredible places with others that I cannot fulfil with literature alone. Ever since I started blogging I’ve been so blessed to meet and speak with so many of my incredible readers out there (like you!) and even go on adventures with new friends! It is a story that is being continued every day, and I can’t wait to write the next chapter :))

Thanks so much for following along with my pink-hued journeys!

Soleil xx


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