Healthy Food in London: Where to Go When in a Rush

We have all, sooner or later, had to be somewhere at a certain time. Whether for a university lecture, meeting, or journey, certain occasions leave us having to hurry a little to get there on time.

Sure, the city is full of Pret’s and Eat’s, but personally I prefer to get my food from smaller producers who really focus on the quality of the foods they make and serve. Sadly there are not enough of these kind of ‘healthy but ready’ places around!

On my first year of university my friends and I would often go to Planet Organic for a quick snack or something to eat and drink. It was always super crowded though, and you know the last thing you need when you’re in a hurry is to be having to wade through crowds of people (plus all the good food gets taken!).

It took a few months for me to finally find Natural Kitchen. It’s perfect because when I don’t have time to eat out, I just come by here, order one of their lovely meals, and go or eat in. The meats, salads and grains are already prepared but you can customise what you want to eat. Best of all, the food is organic and meat is free range/grass fed, so you can enjoy your takeout knowing it’s that bit better than the cafes next door 😉

If you’re a carnivore I would definitely recommend this place for their Calves Liver (best in London) and Sausages, which are gluten free! I almost always go with the spicy Lamb one 🙂

On our most recent visit we decided to eat in- not in a special rush to get anywhere actually, but we were three hungry foodies not willing to sit for an hour waiting at a restaurant!

First up was this BBQ Sauce Chicken. The great thing about Natural Kitchen is that you can pick your sides from a range of salads and grains. This was the rocket salad and couscous.

My chicken had pesto inside and was really good actually! A great mix with the salads- they added a refreshing juiciness.

If you’re not too hyped about all that ‘healthy’ stuff go for the coleslaw, macaroni and BBQ Chicken. My brother Andrew, who is not at all a health junkie, liked it, which is a pretty good thing coming from him! 😉

There are several Natural Kitchens around London, although I normally go to the one on Marylebone High Street because I love the area and also as they have an in-store butcher unlike their other stores. If you’re passing through Baker Street or Bond Street on the run, give this one a go!


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