Little Venice in Autumn

On our way to Soho for Lunch, [my brother] Andrew and I decided to stop at one of my all-time favourite Autumn spots- Little Venice. It’s absolutely beautiful October through to Early November, with golden leaves falling like rain to the ground, and trees whistling softly with the blowing of the wind.

If you’ve ever been out with me though you’ll know I am the absolute worst person with directions. I get lost everywhere! From making my friends walk an extra hour to find a building that was right behind us, to going the completely wrong way for a good 40 minutes in Knightsbridge, wherever I go, however much I know the place… I get lost.

So first some map-checking 😉

With our destination mapped-out, we set out along the pretty river, wading through just-fallen multicoloured leaves.

We’d somehow chosen a good day to visit, because the trees were simply gorgeous- lost between two colours, each a different shade, making the whole landscape look magical.

I’ve always wanted to see the US in Autumn (especially New Hampshire)- I used to live in Texas and we didn’t get Autumn like that- but university lectures mean it’s so difficult to get away! So to see this level of Autumn-ness in London was just the best wish come true :))

Before our pathway was cut off, we got this sensational view of the river.

A little alleyway a few minutes walk away was the perfect place to relax at a distance from all the traffic. I have to say I am so excited that everything is starting to look Halloweenie! We walked by a house with pumpkins outside (already!) and I just started freaking out over the cuteness of it all. Cannot wait to start baking pumpkin-spice flavoured delights soon!

On our way out, we got a pretty shot of the faded trees in front of the matching building. There doesn’t seem to be any shortage of orange in this pretty place.

After we crossed out of Little Venice to the busy streets of Marylebone and Bond Street, we missed the Autumn feels of the riverside. There are few experiences quite so serene as watching the water reflect the rainbow trees surrounding it. Occasionally a leaf or two had dropped into the water, yellow mingling with green, green mingling with red, red mingling with brown. A sensation of the seasons.


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