Best Gifts to Get Your Girl Squad This Christmas

As a gift-giving lover, I am constantly on the hunt for really special things to gift my good friends. Christmas is just the perfect time to express how much they mean to you without it looking too cheesy 😉 Sure, putting extra effort into finding something very different can really pay off, but it takes forever!

Plus, you want something really personal for them. No boring inscribed crystals or old relics though- that would be a little pushy. Bonus if it’s flowery and perfect if it’s just them.

I love gifts that show just how much you know your friends- capturing their dreams, their passions, and also their happiest (or funniest) moments. Those are the kind that they will cherish forever.

Today I share the gifts that are my Christmas Gift List for my favourite people in the world, from the hilarious to the breathtaking.

Set of three Champagne glass baubles

While you might not already have put Christmas Baubles on the top of your gift list this year, these really funky ones by Bombki might make you change your mind. They’re handmade, and noticeably so- baubles don’t come much more uniquely celebratory than this!

£65, via Net-A-Porter

Your best moments together printed on Marshmallows

I went crazy for this idea from the moment I first heard of it. Boomf is awesome because it lets you share your best memories with your friends in a way that doesn’t seem too cheesy, especially because it is such an amazing idea! I cannot wait to see the expression on my friends’ faces when they open these cute boxes.

£15, via Boomf

A compact mirror in the form of your favourite laptop

These really sweet compact mirrors are so cute I just have to add them to this list because I love to give at least one novelty gift along with all the others :)) There’s nothing like adding a little bit of cheer to Christmas!

£5.29, via The gift Oasis

Box of Chocolate fried Chicken

From my favourite place to buy cakes! This is one of the best things that I’ve found in 2017, I just adore everything about it, especially the twist on an old classic! It’s such a fun and unique thing to add to any gift list, especially friends you can joke and laugh with- this will be the talking topic of the year 😉

£25, via Agnes de Sucre

24 carat gold plated brush

I really like the variation on this must-have accessory. Normally I would not give a hairbrush as a gift but the gold edition makes it something special that is worth gifting for a nice occasion :)) It’s memorable and pretty, and comes in a lovely box too- ticks all the boxes!

£119, via Balmain

Rosé Gummy Bear And Rosette Sweets

It’s no secret that my friend Elizabeth loves Rosé and I feel like this delicious bento box is just the best treat ever. Plus it’s so unlike anything else I’ve seen that you can gift it to pretty much any wine fan you know. I love the packaging!

£19.95, via Harvey Nichols

Bella Freud Close to my Heart Eau De Parfum

The name of this perfume, ‘Close to my Heart’, just expresses how I feel about my good friends perfectly, which makes it, in a funny way, a really personal gift for me. Not only is it also a gorgeous colour though (red! The colour of love- so fitting), but smells wonderful too.

£95, via Bella Freud

Acqua di Parma Rose Buds Candle

This incredibly stunning candle is made entirely by hand, and the craftsmanship is gorgeous. I love lighting candles any day, but there is something about the chill of winter that makes the experience of lighting them then that bit more magical. I love giving floral gifts so just had to add this to our list!

£91, via Harrods

Picasso pillow by Jules Pansu

This is a great addition to your friends’ interiors especially if they (like mine) love art! Inspired by the masterpiece by Picasso, Buste de Femme, it adds a really nice touch with the vibrant colours. I really like how much it stands out with the unique yet classy design.

£90, via Liberty

Alphabet brush pot

I am a sucker for really personalised gifts which is probably why I’m so fond of these bright tumblers. Bridie Hall has managed to make organising beautiful, and I feel like these make for a really helpful and stylish gift. If you’re feeling really creative, try buying and putting together all the letters of your friends’ names 😉

£40, via Harvey Nichols

DISCLOSURE: None of these items/brands has sponsored me in any way to feature them here. These are just personal picks that I love, and hope you’ll love too! If you live anywhere outside the UK, feel free to me and I’ll do my best to find them for you in your country.

Soleil xx


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