Kynance Mews Kensington in Autumn

I have been waiting eight months for these red leaves to show up. It’s like watching paint dry! I’d seen the photos on Instagram too late, so had to wait until Autumn came round again to finally see them in their glory. In the meantime I’ve watched them crisp, then become green, and, at the beginning of September, slowly slowly redden.

Come the middle of October, it was finally (finally!) time to visit, and I couldn’t hold my excitement any longer!

My friend Yudi is a fellow photography enthusiast so we headed over from Hyde Park through to the mews, all the while giddy and marvelling at the gorgeousness of the leaves. London has quite suddenly changed completely, and now almost everywhere has become a pretty photoshoot location.

Only not quite like this!

With dreamy red leaves cascading over the arch, the October version of Kynance Mews was everything I’d hoped for and more.

It’s one thing to be seeing it on social media and quite another to actually experience it yourself- that unreal red colour forming the perfect backdrop to portrait photos.

Plus, I’d finally found something to match with my shoes and scarf 😉

I have to say, this is easily the most beautiful autumn spot in London, and would definitely recommend it to you guys! If you’re reading this before the middle of November, you still have time to see this gorgeous location for yourself! Be sure to bring your phone/camera… and something red 😉


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