Dominique Ansel London: Cookie Shots ‘n Cronuts

When I found out that Dominique Ansel was in London, I knew I just had to see the place for myself. Hilariously, I found out pretty late, because it turns out the ‘interesting new store’ I kept walking past on Elizabeth Street was it, and I never knew!

I’m always thinking, what a shame it is that in London we don’t get half of the incredibly unique food trends that you find in other cities like Tokyo, Los Angeles and Sydney! I know- I’m so so lucky to live in such an amazing city, and yes, we do have really cool food here, but I can’t help dreaming of the cereal topped doughnuts, cute food, and red velvet churros that haven’t yet made their way to us! I think my fellow foodies might understand this feeling 😉

Until a while ago, cookie shots and cronuts were on that list too- in particular, the ones from Dominique Ansel, easily one of the biggest names in the food industry right now. The ones from Harrods, though nice, sadly don’t come anywhere near the insanely creative hybrids Ansel produce.

Come yesterday, I’d decided that it was finally time to venture out further on the other side of Elizabeth Street and check out the great stores I had somehow overlooked. I recruited the perfect co-adventurer on my foodie exhibition, Yudi, who was eager to try the cookie shots :)) We set out from Sloane Square, capturing the pretty coloured doorsteps (somehow we both matched them!), before making our way to Elizabeth Street.

Bloggers in Belgravia

It was only when I stepped inside Dominique Ansel that I realised how enormous it actually is. I think it must be three times as big as Peggy Porschen (if not more), and with all the people who come here to try their inventive creations, I think it’s a good thing too!

Inside you’ll find their famous cookie cups in packs (you can bring them home!), along with countless other amazing things to buy, including unusually flavoured tarts (beautifully presented), those iconic monkey choux pastries (along with other gorgeous ones), frozen s’mores, cronuts and the biggest pastries I have ever seen.

I could go on forever about everything inside, but if there is one thing that sums up Dominique Ansel, for me it’s the cookie shots.

Dominique Ansel London

They are made to order, and a waiter comes to pour milk inside. Somehow in the 10 minutes Yudi and I spent freaking out over them and taking pictures of everything, the shot did not leak 😉

Dominique Ansel London

The best thing about Dominique Ansel though, which doesn’t seem obvious at first, is actually the atmosphere. It is refreshing (the lighting inside is simply wonderful), and beautifully decorated, and there is a relaxed vibe around here. It is the kind of place you want to spend your whole day in, finishing work on your laptop all while enjoying something deliciously different from their varied menu.

Dominique Ansel London

They’d decorated it Autumnal on our visit there, and it was perfection.

Dominique Ansel London

I would recommend this place wholeheartedly to you guys. It’s not often I say that I can spend every day sitting at a place but there is something about this one that is different. It was hard to get a table because the people here sit for hours, but really, I can’t blame them at all 😉

Dominique Ansel London


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