Halloween Lattes at Peggy Porschen

Halloween is right around the corner, but with all the lack of pumpkins and autumn leaves around the city, it’s hardly obvious!

I personally love getting into the Halloween spirit, from baking spooky treats to going to seasonal stores and locations. While trick or treating isn’t (any more) for most of us really how we want to spend our October 31st, there are luckily so many more alternatives!

One of these is Halloween-themed coffee at Peggy Porschen. It’s easily one of the city’s favourite cake shops (the long queues outside attest to that!), and for good reason too, because they are always ready to spice things up with new seasonal additions and twists to their classics!

My friend Yudi had never been there before though so I thought what better way to introduce her to this wonderful place than when they are doing one of their special edition menus? 🙂

We walked through the (fittingly) foggy streets of Belgravia to our destination. Along the way I just had to stop by at one of my most dear cheese shops in the city! It is the one and only Fine Cheese Co, my favourite place to enjoy cheese because they treat it like an afternoon tea and serve it on gorgeous plates.

This is the one place where cheese becomes really Instagramable. You can choose from hundreds of different types, and they have other wonderful things to eat too, like cheese soufflés and even savoury macarons :)) I have to write a full blog post about this place for you guys because it is amazing but there is just so much choice!

Anyway! Before I get too carried away rambling about cheese, back to the reason you probably actually clicked on this article in the first place- the Halloween lattes! I won’t leave you hanging any longer- behold!

Isn’t it gorgeous? While it’s simple, I love the extra touch. You can probably even recreate this at home- I think all you would need is a pumpkin template and to slowly sprinkle cocoa onto the latte- but there was something especially lovely about sitting there, safely out of the rain, and just enjoying a must-needed hot drink 🙂

But wait- nothing to eat? I know a lot of people rave about the cakes here (Peggy herself made the birthday cake of a very good friend of mine), but personally I find they are a little too sweet! Although gorgeous I just feel like it’s such a shame for me to be setting aside the pretty buttercream. On the other hand if you were hoping I’d share with you something great to eat in the area, I have just the thing for you! Only a two minute walk away from Peggy is the famous spot for cookie shots, monkey shaped choux pastries and cronuts. Find the full blog post here.


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