Cosy Christmas Brunch in Notting Hill

Cosy Christmas Brunch in Notting Hill

I can’t think of a more cosy Christmas brunch than spent sitting beside a fire, surrounded by Christmas trees, with festive music playing in the background, and penguins.

While I can’t promise you guys penguins :(( I found the perfect place in Notting Hill which will tick all the other boxes!

Beach Blanket Babylon.

This unusually named place looks so unassuming from the outside, with its pretty but simple white exterior, that you might have walked past it many times before, but let me tell you, you were missing the most wonderful of Christmassy places!

After a morning spent snapping photos we were on our way to the Ledbury when we spotted the place. They have a hilarious little detail on the roof!! You guys have to see it, I’m not going to spoil it 😉 So we decided to step inside…

…and all else was forgotten, because it was so charmingly festive!

Cosy Christmas Brunch

Think gorgeous chairs, several warm fireplaces, and super friendly staff.

Plus amazing eggs.

Cosy Christmas Brunch

Along with the scrambled eggs, we’d ordered green and black tea, which came in lovely large teapots. The portion of tea was so large in fact that we couldn’t even get through half!

But with the backdrop of the twinkling Christmas lights, the sight was one to remember.

Cosy Christmas Brunch

Needing a pick-me-up, I’d gone with the steak (it was great). The restaurant do not do it for brunch normally (only dinner) so I was really grateful to them for going beyond what they had to. I was feeling really weakened after several days photo-shooting in the cold and so it really did so much to bring up my energy levels.

That brings me to the most important thing I have to mention to you guys- the staff here are simply wonderful. You know you’ve found the perfect place when they greet you with a smile and even offer to take photos for you and your mom together! It’s these little details that go a long way.

Cosy Christmas Brunch

What we’d thought would be a morning spent dining like we do on any other Sunday turned out to be a cosy Christmas brunch we’d always remember. There’s something wonderful about the unexpected, and this lovely restaurant was exactly that.

After paying and leaving, we decided to use our newfound energy and positivity to explore more of the area, something the cold had put us off before.

Not far off, on Lonsdale Road, we found this gorgeous little house.

Cosy Christmas Brunch

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Cosy Christmas Brunch

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I don’t know if it’s just me (if you feel the same for sure let me know haha) but somehow after eating or watching a movie, I have to go and spend time in a different environment. It seems to complete the day. The most wonderful thing about eating or watching a movie in Notting Hill is that you have a lot of different options after you’ve finished. Ok, so I know that taking photos after eating a whole lot (especially when it comes to a cosy Christmas brunch – three very fridge- raiding things hahaha) isn’t really the best for certain photos 😉 But isn’t it being happy in the moment you’re taking those photos that really counts? :))


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