Spring Brunch in London: Duck and Waffle

Spring Brunch in London: Duck and Waffle

I can finally say that winter, along with 4pm sunsets, are over! With it comes new and exciting places to dine in the city, because we can at last venture out to places which do not have fireplaces or ultra-intense indoor heating. Arax and I decided to celebrate finally being able to have a spring brunch in London by heading over to Duck and Waffle for a delicious Sunday meal.

It turns out that delicious is an underrated word. As a truffle lover I’d gone with the Duck Egg en Cocotte, expecting the light plate I’d had at the Mandarin Oriental in Prague when I’d tried the dish last. Instead, what arrived was a super indulgent pot of utter gloriousness- a truffle-filled, creamy mixture of eggs and wild mushrooms, topped with melting Gruyère cheese. I don’t remember the last time when I’d eaten so much cream! 

Arax had gone with the Salmon Eggs Benedict, which was equally tasty, and the only thing that saved us from finishing our dishes straight away was the stunning view outside- we were seated by the window and we had a full view of the Gherkin and the many little alleyways in the city below, as well as the distant skyscrapers of Canary Wharf.

Out of all the places we’d had our annual spring brunch in London, this was easily the most breathtaking. When it comes to brunches I love being able to eat something I can’t make at home, and Duck and Waffle’s unique menu included exactly those kinds of dishes. I think if you’re going to make a tradition of ‘spring brunch in London day’ this is the place to go! Taste? Check! Views? Check! Instagramable food? Triple tick!

Having stuffed ourselves with our super-filling meals, we decided to head out towards Notting Hill for a good walk after all that food! Scroll down for some of our favourite flower-filled moments from the day (including yummy doughnut choosing from Doughnut Time) and to shop my outfit 🙂

Spring Brunch in London

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